Decide on your journey and number of passengers.

Ring the Co-ordinator on:
0789 1821861

Agree pick up/drop off points, cost, time, date and any special needs eg. Zimmer frame or wheelchair, escort travelling with passenger(s)


The Co-ordinator will try to arrange a suitable car and get back to you with all travel arrangements.

Once the journey has been confirmed by the co-ordinator, please ensure you have the correct money to put into an envelope which will be provided by the driver. If you have a Somerset Travel Pass you will only have to pay half price.


Volunteer drivers and others willing to give their time are also most welcome.  Insurance cover has been carefully considered and there should be no extra charge on drivers insurance.  Drivers are able to claim a fixed mileage allowance on a strictly not-for-profit basis.







Drivers on Hospital or Clinic visits will have a Mobile Phone and they will give you their number so you can let them know when you are ready to return home.

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